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Colorado Artists

Our goal is to feature established and "up and coming" Colorado artists from our immediate vacinity as well as
the state of Colorado.

Throughout the year we feature new work, artist demonstrations, and wine socials. Please follow us on our
Facebook page or sign up for our email notifications to find out more about these events.

Our Artists ~

Local Painters

Jeanne Echternach ~
Landscape and
Still Life in oil

Jeanne Echternacht

Christina Davis ~
Landscape & Figure in oil
Abandoned Adobe

Diane Johnston ~
Landscape in oil
Diane Johnston

William L. Novak ~
Florals & Landscapes in Acrylics
Lucky Six

Cliff Austin ~
Landscapes in Oil

Joanne Hanson ~
Landscapes & Figures in Oil
Joanne Hanson

Jesse Crock~
Landscapes in Acrylic
Aspens 16x20 $500

Gary R. Nichols~
Landscapes & Figure watercolor
Powder Day Four

Mimsi Milton ~
Fiber Artist
Canyon Glazing 12x16 $600

American Craftwork

Steve Puchek ~
Steel & Stone
Steve Puchek

Todd Bukendahl ~
Custom Metal

Jim Rosbourgh~
Fused Glass

Lin Rosbourgh~
Lyn Rosbourgh
Please call our Gallery with further interest in our Artists,
openings, or purchases.